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My jewellery is inspired by art, nature and design but I always rely on my aesthetic values to guide my work.  I might start with a particular stone or I might start with a conceptual idea for an exhibition piece but every starting point brings me somewhere new.  I tend to fabricate most of my work  but I also incorporate cast elements and even tried my hand with Autocad design.


 It was during my Fine Art degree at the University of Guelph that I took a semester at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  It was my first opportunity to work with malleable metals and I was hooked.  I completed my degree in Guelph and went on to take more jewellery courses at George Brown College and OCA.  Over the years I have worked in cultural centres and practised my craft.


In 2013 I completed the Goldsmithing program at Georgian College in Barrie.  It was an intensive year of trianing in techniqes like lapidairy, stone  setting and laser welding.  During the program, I had an amazing opportunity to visit the Crossworks Manufacturing facilities in Sudbury where I learned about the Canadian diamond pipeline and even had a chance to cut and polish a diamond!   This was a unique experience and I simply had to purchase my "rock" and make myself a signature piece!


I have been doing an annual pilgrimige to the Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show in Arizona for the past few years.  This enables me to meet the suppliers of rocks and stones...often directly from the miners.   Picture a kid in a candy store!


I  find inspiration wherever I might be.  I love my job and making pieces that become an important part of someone's life.  




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